making space for life

The fast flowing river called Life...

Life is passing us by. We spend most of our days waking up to an alarm or the blaring noise of traffic, rush through the remaining part of the day, and finally go to bed exhausted at night wondering, what exactly took place that day?

It is the belief in a better life that has brought aeria to life. Breathe. Relax. Live. We owe it to ourselves. And if it's impossible to make a paradigm shift to a different life, then at least take breaks to refresh & rejuvenate yourself from time to time.

aeria invites you to 'make s p a c e for life'.

the team

Rajiv Kalmadi, a part of the Chennai based husband-wife architect team ritu.rajiv architects, from IIT, Roorkee, has over the past decade been involved in many projects from resorts and clubs to residential and commercial buildings. You can see his portfolio here.

Vivish George, a Bachelor of Commerce from Loyola College, Chennai, has over the last two decades built businesses that specialize in financial services, logistics, graphic design and animation. Want to speak to him directly? Fill out a form here.

germ of an idea

Rajiv, Vivish and their families, during their travelling adventures - driving and camping across Scotland, backpacking in Europe, exploring small towns Down Under, tenting and trekking in the Himalayas, driving their restored vintage Land Rover Defender 90s in the Ghats or cycling in the mountains - realised with great clarity...that the beauty of places in India is comparable to any other place in the world.

Where India falls short is in it's buildings that are built with no respect for the environment. Hills stations, our answer to short quick getaways, retirement habitats, even a long term living option, are now plagued by the typical urban landscape we wish to get away from!

Thus came the inspiration for aeria - "Development is inevitable. Why not build a place that is at peace with its surroundings?"

Why not have development...with a conscience?

investment in the hills

More and more Indians, according to many surveys, are getting increasingly attracted to hill stations for real-estate investments. Some look at them as holiday homes, which gives them time to spend with their friends and family. Timely breaks and vacations have become a trend in the global market. Others want them as their second home where they can drop in any time they like. And for some it's a pure investment, to catch the trend of rising property prices in the hills. The desire to make an investment in the hills among home buyers seems to be catching on. Hill stations are also becoming ideal and practically viable locations to settle down. Growing popularity of a destination will facilitate better appreciation of your property in the hills. So don't be the last one to spot the trend. See why you should invest in the hills, here.